Here is one example
of a meningioma

It glows white on the image.

Here are some more examples

They can be anywhere in the brain
and any shape and size.

Step 1: Draw
Click and Drag

Click and Drag to draw the border of the meningioma

Step 2: Fill
Double Click

Double Click (or tap) to fill the meningioma

Step 3: Submit
inspect your results

Click the submit button, and get feedback

After Training
submit new drawings

You get points for each new image you draw

Change Brush Size

Use the menu to change your brush size

Change Brush Color

Use the menu to change your brush color

Change Brightness
and Contrast

Use the menu to change your brighness and contrast, to see the tumor better.

Zoom and Pan

Zoom by scrolling or pinching and pan by right click and drag or two finger pan